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Kansas Alcohol Detox Centers

Consuming alcohol is considered socially acceptable by most people in the United States. Due to its widespread use and acceptance, it can be difficult to judge when someone might need to enter an alcohol detox in Kansas. When someone drinks in excess chances are they will start to see negative consequences throughout their lives. It can lead to legal repercussions if they drive while under the influence. Troubles in the workplace can easily arise along with tension amongst friends and family members. If the drinking progresses from the occasional overindulgence to binge drinking to daily consumption, the chances of the person struggling with abuse issues needing professional help will rise significantly.

How Does Someone Become Physically Dependent on Alcohol?

When someone drinks alcohol on a daily basis they will eventually become physically addicted. A glass of wine with dinner or a beer after work will not cause alcoholism, we’re talking about the consumption of large quantities of alcohol over a short period of time. When a glass of wine turns into a bottle, a single beer turns into a case, a mixed drink turns into a pint; that’s when things can get really bad. Drinking like that over a short period of time can lead to varying levels of physical and mental dependence. Once someone needs alcohol on a daily basis to function they will need to seek professional help from an alcohol detox center in Kansas.  

The withdrawals that are associated with alcohol abuse are absolutely devastating to both the mind and body. Overcoming these symptoms without professional help is not only excruciating but also very dangerous. Detoxing from alcohol is potentially life-threatening, without proper medical assistance a grand mal seizure can occur which can lead to brain failure or heart failure. It is imperative for anyone struggling with alcohol abuse issues to enter an alcohol detox in Kansas.

Severe alcoholics are at a much higher risk of having a grand mal seizure than binge drinkers if It is very important that they receive medications that will keep them safe and comfortable during this difficult moment in their lives. Some of the most commonly seen alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Unsteady hands (tremors)
  • Sweating
  • Muscle aches
  • Joint pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • A runny nose
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Irritable
  • Paranoia
  • Confusion
  • Fear

When someone attempts to deal with these symptoms head on they sadly very low chance of success. The brain can start to play tricks on the person struggling. The prolonged excess consumption of alcohol has altered the chemical makeup and balance of the brain. When someone stops drinking, the brain will wonder where it is. It has become accustomed to receiving large amounts of dopamine throughout the day. When it does not get that feel good chemical release by drinking, it will demand it. The brain is no longer able to produce the same amount it used to make, it got used to the alcohol doing that for it.

The first 2 days of a cold turkey detox come with extreme discomfort and sleepless nights, but come days 3-7 the user will be in the final stages of alcohol withdrawal. This is when severe alcoholics will experience hallucinations and DTs (delirium tremens). These visual and auditory hallucinations will cause intense confusion which can lead to crippling fear. This is also the stage where the drinker is at the highest risk of having a seizure.

A New Life

Kansas alcohol detoxes can administer medications in a safe and controlled environment. This helps keep each client through this difficult time. While in this medically supervised detox the user will be able to rid their body of the toxins that have built up over time from the excessive drinking. As the body heals itself the brain will slowly return to a healthier state. The brain will not be able to regain its strength if the body is still weak and being poisoned by alcohol.

If you or someone you care about are having issues with alcohol abuse or alcoholism please get help from an alcohol detox in Kansas. No one should have to go at this alone, help is available. Our toll-free line is always open and an addiction professional is standing by ready to help in any way possible.