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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in Maine

Located in the very top corner of New English, Maine has a lot to offer. The rocky coastline is like no other beach in the Western hemisphere. Plus, being a coastal state means that you can get fresh seafood from basically every street corner. Typical of a New England state, there’s a strong sense of community between Maine residents, possibly the result of having cold winters that bring people together. Due to its unforgettable scenery, Maine has grown to become a popular destination for recovery with quite a few addiction treatment and detox centers located throughout the state. If you’re intrigued by the quintessential New England atmosphere, make Maine your detoxification and recovery destination.

Maine Addiction & Detox Statistics

  • Despite being a smaller and less populous state than many others, Maine has been experiencing a dramatic increase in substance abuse overdose deaths. Over the course of 2014, there were 208 overdose deaths throughout the state of Maine.
  • While the majority of the United States has fallen prey to the growing heroin epidemic, Maine is still reeling from the prescription drug problem that overtook the U.S. in the 1990s and 2000s. In fact, approximately 42 percent of all drug arrests in Maine involve prescription drugs compared to just 6 percent for heroin.
  • Like many other states, Maine has been experiencing a surge in use of synthetic or so-called “designer” drugs, especially bath salts. In 2014, there were 127 treatment admissions for bath salts in the state of Maine.
  • Alcohol and tobacco use among adolescents is a major problem throughout the majority of the United States, but the rate of adolescent alcohol and tobacco use in Maine remains significantly lower than in the U.S. overall.
  • According to data collected over the past several years, opioid use has grown tremendously among adolescents, teens, and young adults in the state of Maine.

Getting Sober in Maine

The people who live in Maine are a unique bunch. With their high intelligence and strong sense of community, Maine residents are extremely accepting and accommodating. No matter who you are or where you come from, you’ll find a warm welcome with open arms. For someone who’s getting sober, Maine is an ideal location.

Maine Addiction & Substance Abuse Organizations

  • The Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery — or MAAR — is a nonprofit membership organization governed by an elected Board of Directors for the purposes of developing and enacting substance abuse prevention, treatment, and awareness plans throughout the state of Maine.
  • The Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs, also known as MASAP for short, is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery. Recognized throughout the state and the United States, this group is largely considered the voice of substance abuse disorders and addiction in Maine.
  • The Maine Office of Substance Abuse (OSA) is the government-sanctioned, state-level organization overseen by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. This group is a vital resource to the state of Maine, helping individuals in need to find funding for treatment and helping them to find the recovery resources they need to overcome their substance abuse problems.
  • The Addict’s Mom, or TAM, is a grassroots nationwide organization with a Maine-based chapter. This group is, as its name suggests, a coalition of mothers of addicts who have formed a coalition in the hope of removing the stigma that’s associated with addiction and to advocate for individuals with substance abuse problems.
  • The Maine Association of Addiction Professionals — also known as MAAP — is the Maine-based chapter of the NAADAC, consisting of representatives of the community of substance abuse professionals from throughout the state of Maine. This group’s purpose is to oversee the licensing and credentialization of substance abuse professionals to ensure quality of treatment.

Maine Has Decided to Address Specific Causes of Addiction

Addiction can develop in a number of ways. For instance, a person can become addicted due to having grown up in an environment in which there was substance abuse. However, one of the most common causes of addiction involves having a prior history of trauma or abuse, especially sexual abuse. Therefore, since trauma victims are so susceptible to addiction, Maine officials have decided to offer greater access to trauma counseling. The idea is that this will significantly reduce the amount of people who are turning to alcohol and drugs to self-medicate for prior traumas.