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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in South Dakota

South Dakota tends to be one of the most-overlooked of all states in the U.S. However, it actually has a lot to offer. Aside from being home to Mount Rushmore and endless pristine pastures, there are breathtaking ‘painted’ canyons, lots of early American history, and plenty of other natural wonders to behold. Due to the incomparable scenery, South Dakota is quickly becoming a popular recovery destination, so you should definitely consider choosing an addiction treatment or detox center in South Dakota.

South Dakota Addiction & Detox Statistics

  • Although there are numerous substances that have been problematic in the state of South Dakota, marijuana has been one of the biggest nuisances for the state. In fact, approximately 60 percent of all addiction treatment admissions in the state of South Dakota are for marijuana use.
  • In addition to marijuana, there are a number of stimulants that are commonly abused throughout South Dakota. During 2010 alone, there were 430 admissions into addiction treatment centers for stimulant use.
  • As is the case in the rest of the United States, South Dakota has been experiencing an elevated rate of motor vehicle accidents caused by intoxicated drivers. According to records, one in three car accidents — or about 33 percent — are believed to have been caused by mind-altering substances, which is determined by performing drug screens on the drivers.
  • Records show that there are more high school students using tobacco products in South Dakota than in the United States overall. In South Dakota, approximately 52 percent of high school students have never used any tobacco products, which is less than the 55 percent of high school students nationwide.
  • Like the rest of the United States, South Dakota has been experiencing major problems with underage alcohol consumption. In fact, surveys show that at least 26 percent of South Dakota high school students have had at least one episode of binge drinking — consuming five or more alcoholic beverages within the span of a couple hours — over the past month, which is much higher than the 22 percent of high school students nationwide.

Getting Sober in South Dakota

Whether it’s due to its prominent history in the Old West or because of the pervading ‘small town’ feel, people from South Dakota are some of the most charismatic, charming people you could hope for. This makes South Dakota an ideal place for someone looking for the right place to call home or for a temporary stay during your detox and addiction recovery.

South Dakota Addiction & Substance Abuse Organizations

  • The South Dakota Association of Addiction and Prevention Professionals — known as SDAAPP for short — is a state-level, government-sanctioned organization consisting of representatives of the community of addiction treatment professionals from throughout South Dakota.
  • Face It TOGETHER is a South Dakota-based grassroots organization that is dedicated to community support and advocacy. This group recruits other organizations and affiliates so that they’re offering better support and treatment to South Dakota residents in need of addiction rehabilitation.
  • South Dakota Addiction Treatment Services is a state-level, government-sanctioned organization that works in partnership with the Division of Behavioral Health. The purpose of this organization is to help those in need, particular those of a low or restricted income, to find the recovery services that would best help them.
  • South Dakota Behavioral Health Services is another state-level, government-sanctioned organization partnering with the Division of Behavioral Health. However, while this one also provides support for individuals in need of substance abuse treatment, it covers a broader range of mental and emotional health issues, too.
  • The Department of Social Services of South Dakota is a state-level, government agency, but this one is less focused on treatment than it is on things like case management, counseling, and ensuring safety at home, all of which are important supplements to the addiction recovery process.

South Dakota Residents Acknowledge Addiction Stigma

One of the biggest issues with regard to addiction recovery in the United States is the fact that addiction is so highly stigmatized, which discourages addicts from recovery. However, a survey recently conducted in a number of communities throughout South Dakota found that many of the state’s residents are aware of the prejudice that the general public has against addicts and that we must overcome this prejudice if we’re to mitigate this major addiction problem. This survey, which was issued as part of the Building Better Tomorrows campaign, was extremely telling when it comes to changing attitudes toward addiction.