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Washington Crack Detox centers, Facilities, and Clinics

Detoxing at home can be very risky, especially from a drug like crack cocaine. Crack is extremely addictive and comes with intense mental withdrawals. Users that attempt to get off this substance without help from a crack detox center in Washington State are at a very high risk of relapsing. It is possible to become mentally addicted to crack after just one use. As the user starts to use more and more their dependence on this substance will increase. When their tolerance rises it will take more and more of the same substance to achieve the desired effect. This will lead to a more intense detox for the user.

Quitting cold turkey (without proper medical assistance) is dangerous. When someone enters a crack detox in Washington they will have a treatment plan built around their specific needs. An individualized care plan will help give that person a much higher chance of long term success.

What is it Like to Withdrawal from Crack Cocaine?

Cocaine is derived from the coca plant and is a central nervous system stimulant. Most commonly sold in powder form it can be turned into crack. Crack is made when powder cocaine is mixed with some household items and cooked. It is more potent than powder cocaine and is usually smoked. It can also be injected using a syringe. When someone is an IV user they are at a much higher risk of overdosing.Whether smoked or injected the effects of crack can be felt by the user within seconds. This causes the brain to flood itself with dopamine as interferes with the reabsorption process.

This creates an intense feeling of euphoria (high) that will last around 5-10 minutes. This short high will lead many users to seek more and more crack. They may visit their drug dealer multiple times in one day, spending far more money than they originally planned. All because they are constantly seeking the high caused by that first hit.

Differences Between cocaine and crack

Crack is much stronger and more addictive than cocaine. When someone smokes crack the drug goes from the lungs to the brain almost instantly. This causes the release of brain chemicals throughout the pleasure centers in the brain. This leads to the user to become high immediately, compared to the 2-5 minutes it takes for powder cocaine to take effect when it is snorted. Along with these feelings of pleasure will come an intense burst of energy, feelings of invincibility and intense paranoia.

Cocaine affects the body in a variety of ways. It constricts the user’s blood vessels, increases body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. This can lead to brain damage and heart failure. The user’s appetite will become suppressed, they will not think of food when they are high. In more serious cases the user will spend any and all money they have on crack. The user will lose a substantial amount of weight in a small amount of time. When they become malnourished their immune system will become weak, making them more prone to infections and diseases.

Finding a Crack Detox in Washington State

When someone has been using crack cocaine for an extended period of time they will become mentally and physically dependant on it. If they stop using their brain will throw a tantrum. The user’s brain will crave more crack when it does not receive it withdrawals begin. The user will feel very depressed and restless. They can have intense migraines, joint pain, feel lethargic, feel weak and have suicidal ideations. The medical staff at a crack detox in Washington will be able to prescribe non-narcotic medications to help offset these unpleasant withdrawals.

When the user stops using crack they will begin to crash, during a crash the user will have an intense want to use more. These intense cravings are usually enough to cause the user to relapse. When someone is in a crack detox in Washington, they will be in a safe environment. Knowing that crack is not nearby and easily accessible will help lower those cravings and the chance of relapse. Receiving proper medication and therapy will help the user comfortably get through the withdrawals. The user will still experience cravings even after completing detox, these cravings can last for months and will vary in intensity. Finding continued aftercare is strongly suggested.

Getting Help for Crack Addiction

Taking the first step is always the hardest, let our staff help you or your loved one get on the road to recovery. Help is just a phone call away. A call to our phone line is always free of charge and completely confidential. You will be connected with an addiction specialist who will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding use, abuse, and addiction. Getting help is easier than you might think, let us help you find a crack detox center in Washington.