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Cocaine Detoxes in Missouri

Cocaine is easily one of the most powerful stimulants on earth. This extremely dangerous and harmful narcotic drug has been a serious issue in the United States for decades. When the drug became popular 40 years ago, there was almost no knowledge on how to help someone who was struggling with addiction. Thankfully there have been huge advancements have been made in addiction studies and modern medicine. Now cocaine detoxes in Missouri are able to give clients the treatment they need and deserve. When someone who is struggling enters one of these facilities they are taking the first and most important steps on the road to recovery. When they complete a cocaine detox program in Missouri one will have a much better chance at achieving long-term recovery.

The History of Cocaine

Cocaine became increasingly popular in the 19th and 20th century. Back then it was in dozens of elixirs which were viewed as magical potions at the time. It was even in some tonics and wine. Coke was used by people from various social standings, from the very rich to the very poor. Even the famous Thomas Edison promoted the drug. It became a very popular substance in the silent film industry, it didn’t take long for Hollywood to start spreading pro-cocaine messages. At the time it wasn’t viewed as a harmful or dangerous substance.

As more evidence came to light about the dangers of the drug, use slowly started to decline. The public’s view on coke shifted and in 1922 the drug was officially banned by the US government.

Cocaine nearly disappeared from the US market for almost five decades, but then came the 1970’s. Cocaine came back with a vengeance. This time it was viewed as a fashionable drug used by the social elite. It was used businessmen, stockbrokers, musicians, actors and socialites. When someone uses cocaine they will get a burst of energy accompanied by a powerful sensation of euphoria. These sensations allow people on the go to stay up for extended periods of time while remaining motivated. It didn’t take long for the drug to make it’s way from workplaces and clubs to colleges and high schools. The number of students who tried cocaine between 1970-1980 increased by almost one thousand percent. Very few people sought help from cocaine detoxes in Missouri at this time.

What are the Short and Long Term Effects of Cocaine?

When someone uses and continues to use the drug they will change the chemical balance inside of their brains. Every person’s brain produces a chemical called dopamine. It is commonly referred to as a reward chemical. Dopamine is released after one does certain activities; like eating, exercising and having sex all release small amounts of dopamine. This chemical gives us a boost of joy, encouraging us to repeat that action. When someone uses cocaine the brain will be flooded with dopamine; causing it to use up almost all of its natural supply. The brain’s supply of dopamine is now gone and it takes time to rebuild it. As the high wears off the user will begin to crash. This time is not hard to get through, they will feel depressed and anxious and have extremely powerful cravings for more of the drug.

These sensations will lead many people to binge use cocaine. This means they are using large amounts of cocaine over a short period of time. It isn’t out of the ordinary for someone to make 3 or more visits to their drug dealer in just a few hours. They can end up spending hundreds of dollars over the course of a day. If they do not go and get more of the drug they will go through withdrawals and an intense crash.

Depression and intense cravings will quickly set in. This is soon followed by lethargy and potential suicidal thoughts or ideations. They will experience anhedonia which is the inability to feel joy or pleasure. Mood swings will occur, they will become easily bothered and very quick to react. Racing thoughts, weird eating and sleeping patterns will also take place. Breaking free from abuse or addiction issues is much easier when one seeks out help from a cocaine detox facility in Missouri.

Finding Help for Cocaine Addiction in Missouri

If you or someone you love are struggling with cocaine abuse or addiction issues, please do not hesitate to find help today. Feel free to contact our toll-free line at any time. Addiction specialists are standing by 24/7 ready to help you through this challenging time in any way possible. Whether you are looking for a local cocaine detox in Missouri, you need advice or are just in need of someone to talk to; we are here for you. Calls are free of charge and absolutely confidential.