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Medically Reviewed By: Benjamin Caleb Williams RN, BA, CEN

Written By: Phillippe Greenough

Article Updated: 11/09/2021

We've compiled a list of helpful recovery guides to support those looking to take the first steps towards recovery from addiction.

In This Article:

How To Find Help

Different people will face different challenges when they take the first steps toward addiction recovery. These guides outline some of the unique challenges faced by various groups of people, as well as some resources which may aid in their treatment.

  • Asian-American & Pacific Islands – A list of culturally competent mental health support resources.
  • College Students – Drug use is common in college students and this is often the age when someone may begin experimenting with drugs. Likewise, certain drugs may be seen as “helpful” during school, and we examine the patterns and use habits of college students while providing resources for treatment and recovery.
  • Domestic Violence Survivors – A look at the co-occurrence of addiction and violence in relationships and an examination of the contributing factors. We also provide resources for someone experiencing domestic violence to find help and safety.
  • Eating Disorders – Substance abuse and eating disorders are frequently co-occurring and having the right help to deal with both of these issues at the same time is critical if someone wants the best possible chances of recovery.
  • LGBTQ – The LGBTQ community appears to be harder hit by certain drugs than others and the health concerns that come with these certain drugs. Here are some specific resources which may help LGBTQ men and women find treatment for addiction and co-occurring health issues.
  • Parents – It can be hard to tell if a teen is using drugs; especially if someone has no drug experience themselves. Here we provide insight and information about what may indicate a child is using drugs.
  • Pregnant Women – Quitting drugs while pregnant can introduce a whole host of unique risks for both the mother and child. There are some unique risks associated with certain drugs, along with specific steps a woman may take to minimize the potential dangers.
  • Teens – Young people are not exempt from the struggle of addiction, and identifying the problem and finding help can be difficult. We have some resources which may help teens identify if they have a problem and some recommendations and resources on what to do from there.
  • Seniors – Senior citizens may be especially susceptible to the dangers of drug withdrawal, as the process is extremely hard on both the mind and body.
  • Veterans – Veterans have a higher rate of addiction than the general population and often struggle with conditions specific to the stresses involved in military service. The added stress of combat-induced mental health issues can make recovery more challenging, but luckily there are resources and help available.

Additional Reading:

  • The Cost of Drug Addiction – While drug detox may seem expensive, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of continued addiction, including financial, physical, and social costs. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to get a better idea of the true cost of addiction.

Recovery During COVID-19

Life in recovery can be challenging even in the best of times, and the current COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many new challenges. Isolation, quarantine, and social distancing can have a negative impact on anyone’s mental health, especially those who have struggled with substance abuse and mental illness. We have compiled a guide that includes over 100 resources for maintaining mental health and wellness, finding help and connections with others, and staying active in recovery during this difficult time.

100+ Helpful COVID Addiction & Mental Health Resources

Harm Reduction Resources

Even if someone is not ready to quit using, there are steps they can take to reduce the risks of continued drug use. This includes safer use habits, especially for IV drug users, and some precautions that may be taken to prevent overdose and deaths. Additionally, STDs and diseases are rampant in communities of those who use drugs, and there may be ways to minimize these risks as well.

Harm Reduction Resources

Needle Exchanges

IV drug use is extremely dangerous, not only due to the fact that someone can inject a lethal amount of drugs in a second but also due to the risks presented by using dirty needles and needle sharing. Diseases can flourish in communities of drug users, and even if someone isn’t ready to quit, this doesn’t mean that they should expose themselves or others to potentially fatal diseases.

Needle exchanges are programs which will safely dispose of used needles and trade them out for clean ones. This not only reduces the risk of disease from people sharing needles but also the risk of infection due to old needles which are commonly reused for weeks by a single user.

Needle Exchange Locator

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