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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has a ton of character, charm, and personality despite being one of the smallest states in the U.S. For one thing, New Hampshire can boast that it’s the home of the very first snowmobile ever and the fact that New Hampshire residents pay no sales or income taxes. However, it has all the quaint, New England character you’d expect of a state located in the Northeastern United States. If you’re looking for a unique place for your recovery, consider choosing an addiction treatment or detox center in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Addiction & Detox Statistics

  • Like most other states, New Hampshire has been experiencing a major substance abuse problem. According to surveys, approximately 4 percent of all New Hampshire residents used some type of illicit drug (other than marijuana) between 2007 and 2008.
  • There’s a major problem with underage alcohol abuse as well as drug use among adolescents in New Hampshire. In fact, about 57 percent of adolescents aged 12 or older admit to having abused alcohol over the course of 2012.
  • Despite the other substances that have been and are a major problem in New Hampshire, alcohol remains the most problematic substance in the state. Sources say that at least 74 percent of all New Hampshire treatment admissions are for alcohol use disorders and alcoholism.
  • Tobacco use has become a major issue among adolescent and teenage high school students in New Hampshire. According to studies, approximately 20 percent of New Hampshire high school students — or one in five students — has used some type of tobacco product at least once in the past month, which is greater than the 18 percent of high school students nationwide.
  • While there’s more use of tobacco products among New Hampshire high school students than high school students nationwide, alcohol use among New Hampshire high school students is slightly less than rates seen nationwide.

Getting Sober in New Hampshire

New Englanders have a reputation for being extremely level-headed, cerebral, and quite liberal people. For this reason, New Hampshire is a place where you can bet you’ll be accepted and embraced with open arms. Whether you’re in the advanced stages of recovery or still getting sober, New Hampshire is definitely worthy of your consideration.

New Hampshire Addiction & Substance Abuse Organizations

  • The New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors Association — or NHADACA for short — is a statewide nonprofit organization consisting mostly of addiction treatment professionals from throughout the state of New Hampshire. This group’s goal is to advance opportunities and training for the addiction treatment profession.
  • Drug-Free New Hampshire is a grassroots not-for-profit organization, existing as a collaborative effort between several larger government-sanctioned agencies such as the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention. The purpose of this group is to promote addiction prevention through education and advocacy.
  • The Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention — also called “the Commission” or “the Governor’s Commission” for short — is a coalition created by legislation enacted in 2000 for the purpose of assessing the needs of New Hampshire residents with regard to substance abuse and make informed recommendations to the governor.
  • The Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services is a group that’s overseen and managed by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services for the purpose of providing informative information on substance abuse to New Hampshire residents. As well, this group helps people to learn about the various recovery services available throughout the state.
  • Hope for New Hampshire Recovery is a grassroots not-for-profit organization that’s an affiliate of the Face It Together group. This group largely aims to be a resource for support for individuals suffering from addiction and their loved ones.

Volunteers in New Hampshire Offer Online Support Community for Parents of Addicts

There’s a tendency to focus on the experience of addiction from the addict’s perspective, but with addiction being considered the “family disease”, an addict’s substance abuse problem affects far more people than just the addict him or herself. In New Hampshire, a group of volunteers have started an online support community for the parents of addicts in New Hampshire. The volunteers behind this new online community are affiliated with the Magnolia New Beginnings group based in Massachusetts; however, the group has expanded its advocacy into nearby New Hampshire, coinciding with the start of this new online support community.