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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in New Mexico

Each American state has its own unique attributes, but there aren’t many states with the level of character as New Mexico. Since it’s located on the U.S.-Mexico border, New Mexico’s culture is a unique blend of industrial America and traditional Mexico; this is even reflected in the state’s name. As well, New Mexico has some of the most unique natural scenery in the entire Western hemisphere. If that’s not enough, New Mexico is home to the world’s largest hot air balloon festival, the world’s largest enchilada, and the world’s largest corn-hole board. Clearly, there’s plenty to do in New Mexico without even thinking about alcohol and drugs, so it should come as no surprise that more and more people are choosing New Mexico as the destination for their addiction recovery needs.

New Mexico Addiction & Detox Statistics

  • Like the rest of the United States, New Mexico had a major problem with prescription painkiller addiction throughout the 2000s and early 2010s. In fact, it’s estimated that 48 percent of the New Mexico population was addiction to some type of painkiller in 2008.
  • Although a number of opioid addicts have switched from painkillers to heroin, opioids remains a major problem for New Mexico today. In fact, half of all overdose deaths are caused by heroin and painkillers.
  • Between 2001 and 2014, overdose deaths in New Mexico have increased substantially. Sources estimate an increase of at least 146 percent in annual overdose deaths.
  • According to studies, eight of the ten leading causes of preventable death in New Mexico are from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • Due to New Mexico being on the U.S.-Mexico border, there tends to be a lot of drugs being smuggled into the U.S. through New Mexico. Between drug smuggling and high rates of drug use in New Mexico, it’s estimated that the economic cost of illicit substances in New Mexico is $2.5 billion, or about $1,250 per person.

Getting Sober in New Mexico

Representing the perfect harmony between Old World and New World, natural scenery and friendly people, New Mexico is quite the unique state. With a population that’s known to be laid-back and accepting, New Mexico is uniquely perfect for anyone who’s trying to get or stay sober. With a growing number of addiction treatment and detox centers, getting sober in New Mexico is a delight.

New Mexico Addiction & Substance Abuse Organizations

  • The New Mexico Alliance of Addiction Professionals — the New Mexico-based chapter of the NAADAC — is a coalition of addiction professionals from throughout the state. The aim of this group is to monitor licensing and credentialization of addiction treatment professionals to ensure quality standards.
  • The New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, or NMCBBH, is the New Mexico-based chapter of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium. This group oversees and manages the credentialization and licensing of substance abuse professionals, criminal justice professionals, and substance abuse prevention specialists and educators.
  • The Recovery Connection is a New Mexico-based organization consisting of state officials and volunteers who aim to provide a variety of informational and recovery resources to those in need. This group provides a variety of useful resources, including information about the effects of drugs, the recovery process, and matching addicts with the rehabilitative resources they need.
  • The Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions (CASAA) is a research-oriented coalition consisting of top researchers from the University of New Mexico. This group focuses on researching substance abuse-related issues in the hope of reducing the suffering of addiction, both in New Mexico and worldwide.
  • The New Mexico Office on Substance Abuse Prevention — also called OSAP for short — is the state-sanctioned organization for the mitigating of the New Mexico addiction problem, existing as a branch of the state’s Human Services Department.

New Mexico Takes Opioid Addiction Awareness to Next Level

All across the United States, public officials and concerned citizens alike have been developing new ways to increase awareness of the dangers of opioid drugs. In fact, President Obama recently enacted a Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week, which prompted New Mexico to develop new ways of increasing public awareness of the growing opioid addiction problem. In particular, New Mexico officials have decided to increase the amount of addiction education being offered to teens in public schools since this represents one of the demographics that is most vulnerable to substance abuse.