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Kansas Cocaine Detox Centers

Cocaine is one of the most powerful stimulants in the world. This dangerous narcotic drug has been a serious issue in the United States for decades. 40 years ago there was little knowledge on how to help someone who was struggling coke abuse or addiction issues. Thankfully huge advancements have been made and cocaine detoxes in Kansas are able to give clients the treatment they need. When someone with addiction issues enters one of these programs they are taking the first and most important step in the recovery process. Upon completing a cocaine detox program in Kansas one will have a much better chance at achieving long-term recovery compared to if they were to attempt to do it on their own.

When someone abuses cocaine it will change the way they react to normal situations. They can become short-tempered, depressed, anxious and irritable after using the drug, especially during the comedown or “crash”. To avoid the crash phase of cocaine use, those struggling will often seek out more and more of the drug, binge use is very common.

Finding a Local Cocaine Detox Program

From the outside looking in, it can be very frustrating and heartbreaking as you watch a loved one throw their life away for the sake of a drug. One might say “How can you do this? Why can’t you just stop?!”. If only it was that easy. Prolonged use of any mood and mind-altering substance will change the way that the brain processes and handles information. When that substance is as powerful as cocaine, that change can occur quickly. One can feel mentally addicted to cocaine after just one use, the longer they use it the more they will crave the substance. It can get to the point where the user will not be able to feel any level of happiness or pleasure unless they are under the influence.

As they continue to use they will change the chemical balance inside of their brains. All humans have a chemical in their brain called dopamine. It is commonly referred to as a “reward chemical” due to the fact that it is released after one does certain activities. Eating, exercising, having sex and doing well on a test all release small amounts of dopamine. It gives the person a boost of joy, encouraging them to do that action again. When someone uses cocaine the brain is flooded with dopamine, but it has released almost all of its natural supply. The brain’s supply of dopamine has been depleted, as the high wears off the user will feel depressed and anxious; this is commonly followed by intense cravings for more of the drug.

This leads many to binge use the drug. This means they are using large amounts of cocaine over a short period of time. It isn’t rare for someone to make multiple visits to their drug dealer in a few hours, spending hundreds of dollars over the course of a day. After a coke binge, the following days can be very challenging for the user. If they do not go and get more of the drug they will experience a variety of withdrawals. Depression and intense cravings will set in, followed by lethargy and potential suicidal thoughts or ideations. Anehondian (inability to feel joy or pleasure) will weigh heavy on the user throughout the day. Chances are when they used they didn’t eat or sleep much, this will lower their immune system, making them more susceptible to infection and disease. They will become short-tempered and experience a wide range of emotions and mood swings.

Getting Help

When someone attempts to stop using without the help of a cocaine detox in Kansas, they will have to face these withdrawals alone. When left to one’s own devices it is very challenging to successfully detox and stay clean for an extended period of time. Being in a safe environment with a dedicated medical staff to help one through this trying time can make all the difference in the world.

If you or someone you care about are struggling with abuse or addiction issues, please contact our toll-free line today. Our staff of addiction professionals is ready to help you through this difficult time in any way possible. Whether you just need someone to talk to, want advice, need more information or are looking to admit into a local coke detox in Kansas we can help. Calls and consultations are free of charge and completely confidential. You don’t have to do this alone, let us help.