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Kansas Meth Detox Centers

Meth detoxes in Kansas have sadly become an absolute necessity through The Wheat State. Widespread use of this dangerous substance has plagued the state for decades. Overcoming the psychological and mental withdrawals associated with crystal meth abuse is no easy task. If someone is to attempt an at home, cold turkey (without medication) detox, their chances of achieving long-term sobriety are minimal. Entering a crystal meth detox program in Kansas is a necessary step in the recovery process. Admitting there is an issue and taking action are first steps toward a better life; they are also the most important.

Meth is easily the number one drug problem facing the state. It is the most commonly used and abused narcotic substance next to marijuana, but it is far more addictive and dangerous. Over 10% of rehab admissions in Kansas for adults listed meth as their primary susbtance of choice. A large portion of other admissions stated they have used or abused meth within the past year. The drug used to be made in small labs throughout the state, but now more pure, cheaper and more dangerous meth has been coming from outside of the state.

Mental Addiction

When someone enters a local meth detox they are giving themselves an amazing opportunity to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body. Meth is easily one of the most addictive and destructive drugs on earth; some users report feeling mentally hooked after just one use. Once mentally dependent on a substance it can become their primary concern. Every natural human need will take a back seat for more meth. Food, water and shelter are put on the back burner for more drugs. The longer someone uses, the harder it will be for them to stop.

When someone uses meth they will experience a rush of euphoria as dopamine floods their brain. The user’s brain will have its natural dopamine supply nearly wiped out. As they continue to use their brain will become adjusted to this counterfeit dopamine being released. This causes it to slow down the natural production of the feel-good reward chemical. As the high wears off the user will be left to their own devices. If they do not use more drugs they will begin to experience withdrawals. Most people struggling with abuse issues do no go more than a few days before turning back to their drug for comfort.

The mental addiction associated with meth abuse is among the most challenging to overcome without the help of a meth detox in Kansas. Anxiety, restlessness, mood swings, intense cravings, anhedonia (inability to feel joy or pleasure), paranoia, racing thoughts and lethargy are all typical. When someone is high chances are they are not sleeping. If they are eating, it’s minimal amounts of food. This lack of sleep and nutrition will lower the user’s immune system, making them more susceptible to diseases and infection.

What are the physical side effects of meth use?

It isn’t unusual for someone under the influence of meth to have open sores on their body. This can be caused by injecting the drug or by constant scratching and picking at the skin. These open sores are extremely susceptible to infection. If the user is smoking meth they are putting themselves at risk of getting “meth mouth”. This term is used to describe the decay that can occur to a user’s teeth and gums. Meth causes dry mouth and dehydration, the lack of salvia can make teeth brittle causing them to fall out/break. Combined with the hazardous chemicals in the drug almost guarantees the user-facing some type of dental issues.

Crystal meth is a crystalline substance that resembles shards of glass or rocks. This man-made drug can be clear white, cloudy, yellow or have hints of blue. Since the drug is manufactured and has no natural ingredients purity levels and appearance will vary from batch to batch. Purity levels will also vary. Recent arrests at the US/Mexico border have lead to huge amounts of meth being confiscated. Border patrol and DEA agents reported that some of the drugs confiscated tested at 93% purity, some of the strongest crystal ever.

Getting Help for Meth Abuse and Addiction

With higher purity levels comes a higher risk of a fatal overdose or meth-induced psychosis. If you or someone you care about are currently in the midst of addiction please do not hesitate to get help. This drug is extremely powerful, dangerous and deadly. A meth detox center in Kansas will help the user safely and comfortably overcome the withdrawals. Our toll-free line is always open and an addiction specialist is standing by. Calls, assessments and consultations are free of charge and completely confidential. A better life awaits, call today.