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Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in Kentucky

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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in Kentucky

Kentucky is a fascinating state for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s a state that’s very often overlooked despite having much to offer. Kentucky is extremely beautiful with voluminous mountain ranges and ancient forests. It also promises four distinct seasons, making it an ideal state for anyone who’s torn between the warm months and the cooler months. Besides it’s larger cities, much of the suburban and rural areas of Kentucky are situation in its lazily rolling hills and bluegrass fields. If you’re someone who wants some real variety in your surroundings, you’ll have many different types of scenery from which to choose in Kentucky. As well, the state has an up-and-coming addiction treatment industry with more addiction treatment and detox centers available all the time.

Kentucky Addiction & Detox Statistics

  • In addition to opioids, there is a growing problem with synthetic or “designer” drugs in the state of Kentucky. According to records, there were 134 people hospitalized due to using a drug called flakka in Lewis County, Kentucky, over the course of a single year.
  • Drug abuse is an extremely lethal disease that claims lives every day. In a single year, there were 105 deaths from drug overdoses in Jefferson County, Kentucky, alone.
  • Despite the recent decline in prescription painkiller abuse, painkillers remain a major problem throughout the state of Kentucky. According to records, there have been about 1,024 people to die from prescription drug overdoses in Kentucky over just the past year.
  • Although heroin has become a major problem recently, the most-abused substance in the state of Kentucky is alcohol. In fact, rates of alcohol abuse in Kentucky are higher than the national average.
  • Underage substance abuse is a major problem in most places and occurs in Kentucky, too. However, rates of underage alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse in Kentucky are consistently lower than the national averages.

Getting Sober in Kentucky

If there’s one thing more well-known about Kentucky than its scenery, it’s the people. Residents of Kentucky border the so-called Northern states while being decidedly Southern; this results in a population that’s at once hospitable and extremely accepting. It’s a truly great place to get sober or to continue in your recovery journey, so you should definitely consider choosing one of Kentucky’s numerous addiction treatment and detox centers.

Kentucky Addiction & Substance Abuse Organizations

  • People Advocating for Recovery (PAR) in Kentucky is, as its name suggests, a grassroots, volunteer-based organization that seeks to alleviate the stress of substance abuse on communities through prevention-oriented addiction education and support.
  • Transitions is a Kentucky-based nonprofit organization that seeks to restore health to the community by being a resource to individuals and families affected by addiction. As well, this group provides advocacy and support to individuals who have been affected by poverty, victims of violence or sexual abuse, and who require other types of support such as for mental health and physical disabilities.
  • The Kentucky Association of Addiction Professionals — also known as KAAP — is the Kentucky-based branch of NAADAC, consisting of substance abuse professionals from throughout the state who serve as the voice of the state’s community of substance abuse professionals. The group seeks to provide training and education to addiction professionals while monitoring and overseeing licensing and credentialization.
  • KentuckyOAR — which stands for Online Addiction Resources in Kentucky — is a web-based department that seeks to provide a variety of helpful information to individuals suffering from addiction. The group provides information regarding different programs available throughout the state, government assistance, national advocacy groups, and much more.
  • The Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy, or KY-ASAP, is a board of state representatives and volunteers created to help develop strategies that can be implemented throughout the state to reduce rates at which people develop alcohol, tobacco, and drug addictions.

Kentucky Holds Festival to Fight Stigmatization of Addiction

It’s a well-known fact that addiction is an extremely stigmatized disease despite widespread knowledge that it is, in fact, a disease. The biggest problem with the addiction stigma is that it discourages individuals from getting help since they don’t want to identify themselves as addicts. Representatives of Kentucky seem to have found a solution in RecoveryFest, an annual festival that’s held in the state to celebrate those individuals who have overcome their addictions and to change public perceptions about this deadly disease.