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A New Jersey Meth Detox Might Save Your Life

Methamphetamine has become one of the most dangerous substances on earth. The amount of people entering into meth detox centers in New Jersey has increased exponentially since the 1990’s, and rightfully so. The short term and long term effects that meth has on its users are devastating, the reasons for a user to enter into a meth detox in New Jersey are endless. New Jersey meth detox programs are personalized and will cater to your exact needs.

What is Meth?

Methamphetamine is commonly referred to as “meth”, it is an extremely addictive neurotoxic stimulant that some call the most dangerous drug on earth. This is due to its wide availability, cheap prices, ability to make the drug out of household products and its ease of use. Meth floods the nervous system and penetrates the brain with ease. Once it enters the user’s body, the brain begins scrambling and starts rewriting the pleasure and reward centers in the brain. Planting seeds for a long and painful addiction.

With daily or prolonged use, meth users will actually destroy the dopamine receptors in their brains. This will make it nearly impossible for the user to experience any type of joy and pleasure in life, aside from using more meth. This causes the drug to become the center of the user’s life, one of the only ways out of the grip of meth addiction is to enter a meth detoxification center in New Jersey. Meth will destroy everything the user used to enjoy in their lives, all social circles, employment opportunities, hobbies, time, energy, inner thoughts, and actions will start revolving around methamphetamine.  

Signs of Methamphetamine Addiction

People who are using meth on a regular basis will begin going through a mess of changes as soon as 1 week of daily use. These effects go beyond just psychological, there are some serious physical effects of methamphetamine use. Some of these changes are easier to notice than others. If you notice these signs it is time to start looking for a New Jersey meth detox center. Some of the most noticeable signs of methamphetamine addiction are:

  • Issues sleeping/insomnia
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Uncontrollable sweating
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Weakness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dehydration
  • Weight loss
  • Financial issues
  • Easily bothered/short temper
  • Hallucinations
  • Constant itching
  • Osteoporosis (bones and teeth become very weak and easily broken)
  • Skin Abscesses ( can be caused when a user injects meth into their skin and not into their veins)
  • Racing thoughts/confusing speech

New Jersey Meth Detox Centers Can Treat Co-occurring mental health conditions

If a user has just used methamphetamine for the first time the chances of you noticing more than one or two or these signs are minimal. That doesn’t mean it is any less dangerous. After just one use of meth, the user can go into psychosis. If a user is to go into psychosis they must seek immediate professional help at a hospital or crystal meth detox in New Jersey. Meth psychosis is when the user experiences prominent delusions and hallucinations. Hallucinations are false perceptions of reality and come in a few different forms. The two main forms of hallucinations a user in methamphetamine-induced psychosis will experience are auditory and visual. This will cause the user to become increasingly paranoid and more and more unstable. They will have an extreme suspicion of others and be unsure of their actions and intentions.

Meth users who are experiencing psychosis may begin obsessing over certain things. They can have the compulsion to repeat the same action over and over. They can become obsessed with cleaning, washing hands, building or disassembling items, grinding teeth, pulling out hair and picking at their skin. Users may get these compulsion obsessions while not in psychosis too.

Symptoms of Long-term Meth Addiction

Long-term use of meth will destroy the heart, the brain, and the rest of the body. Seeking out help at a methamphetamine detox in New Jersey is the first step toward a life free from meth addiction. The long-term effects are:

  • Extreme cravings leading to risky/dangerous behavior to get money
  • Increased risk of psychosis, including:
      • Paranoia
      • Hallucinations
      • Repetitive motor activity
  • Dramatic changes in brain structure and function
  • Issues with basic thoughts and motor skills
  • Easily distracted
  • Memory loss
  • Displaying aggressive or violent behavior/thoughts
  • Mood disturbances
  • Dental issues
  • Weight loss

We Will Help You Find A Personalized Meth Detox in New Jersey

Treating meth addiction requires a multi-step process, meth detox facilities in New Jersey will help with these steps. These centers will begin by eliminating the physical presence of the meth from the user’s body. They will also take a look at the psychological damage that the meth has caused to the user. These methamphetamine detoxes in New Jersey will find out how to rehabilitate both the mind and body, giving the user the best chance at a new life free from the deadly grip of meth addiction.