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Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in North Dakota

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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in North Dakota

North Dakota is one of the least populated states with only a little over a half-million residents and more cattle than humans. It has large scenic landscapes and quiet towns. It can be a great place to get sober for those who love peace and the outdoors, but is also home to large meth and heroin epidemics. Many small towns hurt by the recession have turned to drugs to make money, which has led to a major need for more drug treatment programs. There has been a rise in violent cartels that control the drug trade in the Midwest.

North Dakota Addiction & Detox Statistics

  • A study found that roughly 40% of North Dakota High School students had at least one drink of alcohol in the past 30 days.
  • Nearly 20% of North Dakota High School students admit to drinking alcohol prior to age 13.
  • Though it may seem small, North Dakota’s average rate of adolescents who have tried prescription painkillers to get high is higher than the national average at 7%. There have been numerous studies that show adolescents who try prescription painkillers to get high are at a far higher risk of developing an addiction later in life.
  • Methamphetamine is one of the biggest concerns for law enforcement in North Dakota. There are nearly 100 or more Meth Lab seizures every year.
  • Treatment centers in North Dakota report that Marijuana is the primary drug of choice of their patients.

Getting Sober in North Dakota

There are fewer drug and alcohol treatment centers in North Dakota compared to other states simply because of the small population. This can also be a good thing because many of the treatment centers are of very high quality and are nestled along scenic views. Getting sober in North Dakota can be very peaceful and many who go there end up staying. Many enjoy the small town feel and the lack of temptation of partying or clubbing one might find in a heavily populated city.

North Dakota Addiction & Substance Abuse Organizations

  • The North Dakota Addiction Counselors Association is part of NAADAC and is a group of medical professionals looking to advance drug and alcohol abuse treatment with the most cutting edge techniques and research.
  • Stop Overdose is a campaign by the North Dakota state government with the ultimate goal of addiction prevention. They also spread education on good Samaritan laws, naloxone, and the signs of an overdose.
  • The North Dakota Board of Addiction Counseling Examiners is a an organization that sets the standards and licensing requirements for becoming an addiction counselor. Their goal is to ensure excellence in the field of addiction counseling and treatment.
  • Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota does extensive outreach for addicts, homeless, and the disabled. They help people get themselves back on their feet affordably or with financial assistance.
  • Pathfinder is an organization dedicated to helping parents be the best they can be. They help plan for children’s future and set their education and goals on the right path. Their goal is to unite parents and educators alike to support North Dakota youth.

North Dakota Launches A Voucher Program

In September of 2016 North Dakota launched a state-funded voucher program that aims at assisting lower-income residents in finding local help for drug or alcohol addiction. Many are looking at this as a huge step forward for a state that has traditionally been very close minded when it comes to addiction. Private providers will have to apply to be able to accept vouchers, and then will be able to cash them in to the government. The ultimate goal of this is to enable more treatment centers to be capable of treating people with little or no insurance. So far the program is set only to last through 2017, but the success rates or political platforms could change this plan. The plan has already come under attack by republicans for being too expensive and inefficient, while proponents on the left insist it is a logical solution for low income individuals needing help.