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Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in Pennsylvania

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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania state motto is “Virtue, Liberty & Independence”, personifying the prominent place that the state has in American history. It was in Philadelphia where the Constitution was written during the Philadelphia Convention from May to September 1787, cementing the status of the U.S. as a free country; this is the same city where the famous Liberty Bell remains on display. However, Pennsylvania has much more to offer than American history; featuring some of the Appalachian mountains, Pennsylvania has some of the most beauty scenery you could expect and a prominent German presence in the form of the Pennsylvania Dutch. With its strong cultural heritage, colorful history, and one-of-a-kind beauty, Pennsylvania has become a popular destination for individuals looking for addiction treatment, resulting in rapid growth of the state’s available treatment facilities. There are plenty of Pennsylvania detox centers and treatment facilities to suit all need.

Pennsylvania Addiction & Detox Statistics

  • During 2013 alone, there were 7,200 admissions to addiction treatment centers in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • According to surveys, half of all Pennsylvanian substance abusers report alcohol is their primary substance of choice. However, despite that there are more people misusing alcohol in Pennsylvania, heroin has become the most problematic substance.
  • From January to June 2015, law enforcement reportedly seized over $48 million worth of heroin in Pennsylvania. Not only is the state experiencing its own heroin problems, but the close proximity of Pennsylvania to other major metropolitan areas in Ohio, Maryland, and New York mean that the drug is just as often transported through as into the state.
  • Aside from the heroin spike, rates of use of most other drugs in Pennsylvania have either remained < a href = "" rel = "nofollow">stable or decreased; cocaine abuse rates are stable despite being less available, marijuana is at consist levels throughout the state, and alcohol remains the first-most common cause of addiction treatment admissions.
  • At any given time, approximately 7 percent of Pennsylvanians have used an illicit drug over the past month.

Getting Sober in Pennsylvania

Subdued, historic Pennsylvania has managed to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance, making it a great place for a person getting sober. Although Pittsburgh and Philadelphia remain two of the state’s most popular and bustling cities, there are countless smaller, quaint towns in which a person can enjoy the slow, leisurely pace while focusing on recovery. It’s definitely a special place with hundreds of treatment facilities available as resources for sustaining long-term sobriety.

Pennsylvania Addiction & Substance Abuse Organizations

  • The Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations Alliance — which is stylized as PRO.A — is a statewide not-for-profit organization that supports individuals in their recoveries while also ensuring that communities are education on the dangers of addiction.
  • The Drug and Alcohol Service Providers Organization of Pennsylvania, or DASPOP, is a coalition of substance abuse prevention, education, and treatment providers with a number of community volunteers, professionals, and individuals who have either been addicted or affected by addiction. In effect, this coalition is an advocacy group that also provides support, raises funding, encourages research, and does community outreach.
  • POWER — which stands for Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery — is an organization dedicated to helping women reclaim their lives from addiction.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, or DDAP, is a state-sanctioned organization that aims to be a resource for individuals to get help for addiction, learn about substance abuse and overdose, and even to be an information and education resource for addiction treatment professionals.
  • The Pennsylvania Office of Addiction Services (OAS) — formerly known as the Coordinating Office for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs (CODAAP) — is an organization that funds, monitors, and plans addiction prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support services in the greater Philadelphia area.

Pennsylvania to Spend $20 Million to Fight Opioid Epidemic

Between 1979 and 2014, rates of overdose deaths increased in the state of Pennsylvania, prompting concern from public officials sought ways of alleviating this major drug addiction problem. However, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has helped to procure additional funding in the state’s budget as well as special federal funding, which total more than $20 million to be used to improve Pennsylvania addiction treatment over the course of 2017. According to Governor Wolf, this means at least 4,500 more people will receive treatment next year.