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West Virginia Benzo Detox is on The Rise

The amount of people looking for a benzodiazepine detox in West Virginia has risen steadily over the past few years. They are one of the most dangerous and painful substances to detox from. The physical withdrawals that come along with a benzo detox are extremely physically painful. The higher quantity that the user has been taking, the more severe their detox will be. That pain can be minimized if the user enters into a benzo detox center in West Virginia. Going through this process alone and without proper medical supervision is not only difficult but very dangerous.

Benzodiazepine Detox is Necessary

When someone tries to get off of benzos, without entering into a benzo detox center in West Virginia, they will experience an assortment of symptoms. This includes crawling skin, vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweats, restless legs, aches in joints, runny nose, nausea, insomnia and muscle cramping. These symptoms are very similar to having the flu but much worse. The only medication someone can take to help alleviate the pain is more benzos. This only digs the user deeper into addiction, making it harder and harder for them to get their life back.

While these are very uncomfortable to go through, this is not the worst of it. When someone is detoxing from benzos they have a very high risk of having a seizure; which can lead to brain failure, heart failure, and even death. Once physically addicted the chances of the user being able to successfully get off their drug without the help of a benzodiazepine detox in West Virginia is minimal.

Why Bezno Abuse is common

Benzos are commonly abused because they are so often prescribed. They treat a variety of issues that are among some of the most frequently diagnosed. Benzos are commonly prescribed to help with anxiety, panic attacks, panic disorder, seizures, sleep disorder and to help alcoholics through their detox process. Some doctors unknowingly become drug dealers when these pills start being abused and taken. Prevalent benzodiazepine medications include Xanax, Klonopin, Librium, Niravam, Ativan, Restoril, Versed, Ambien and Halcion. When these medications are taken as prescribed, the chances of the user getting physically addicted are still existent, but it is not a guarantee. If the user starts taking more than prescribed or starts taking their pills for a euphoric feeling, they are at a much higher risk of becoming physically dependent. The user will then need to enter into a benzo detox in West Virginia. With the widespread availability comes widespread use, misuse, and abuse.

If you believe someone you care about is misusing or abusing these medications, please reach out for help today. Entering into a benzo detox in West Virginia is the first step toward that person getting their life back. There are some telltale signs of abuse or addiction to these medications. You may notice your loved one experiencing confusion, weakness, lack of coordination or issues breathing. People who are taking higher amounts of benzos can experience blackouts.

Benzos can Cause Blackouts and other dangerous effects

A blackout is temporary, it will affect the user’s memory. The user will have little to no recollection of the time that has passed. Blackouts can occur when the user has taken a very large dose of benzos or if alcohol is consumed simultaneously. These substances impair one’s ability to form new memories. This doesn’t mean that the memories formed before intoxication occurs will be erased. As the user drinks more alcohol and the blood alcohol level rises, or they take more benzos; the rate and length of memory loss will increase.When these two substances are mixed there is an extremely high chance of the user experiencing a blackout. It also raises the risk of heart failure and brain failure. If one is mixing medications with alcohol it is extremely important that they seek out help at a benzo detox in West Virginia.

Other signs of addiction and abuse to benzos are:

  • User is having issues staying awake at various points throughout the day
  • Issues concentrating
  • Low energy levels
  • Sudden extreme weight loss or gain
  • Issues with memory loss
  • Deceitful and manipulative behaviors
  • Issues standing with ease
  • Stumbling around
  • Lack of motivation
  • Slurred Speech
  • Emotionally all over the place (very high highs and very low lows)
  • Inability to explain their financial situation or lack thereof
  • Being excessively loud and/or obnoxious

Get Help Today

If you have noticed 2 or more of these signs, then it is time to speak to your loved one about getting help. A benzo detox center in West Virginia will help the user get off the medications without the extreme physical pain. The doctors and nurses at these programs will make the process is not only painless but safe. The risk of having a seizure is dropped dramatically.