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Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Facilities in Arizona

Arguably the most unique state in the U.S., Arizona is world-renowned for being the Grand Canyon State, home to an awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. However, despite being infamous for its expansive and arid desert landscapes, Arizona offers a number of higher-altitude cities that provide reprieve from the dry heat of places like Arizona with actual snow. If you’re someone who enjoys one-of-a-kind natural landscapes and the outdoors while still wanting access to the urban experience you can only get from big cities like Phoenix, Arizona is definitely a city you should consider for your recovery. With a growing number of addiction treatment and detox facilities, Arizona is quickly making a name for itself as a major player in the world of addiction recovery.

Arizona Addiction & Detox Statistics

  • For most substances, addiction rates in Arizona either match or are very close to the national averages; however, Arizona has much higher marijuana use than the nationwide average at 8.9 percent versus 6.3 percent for the entire United States.
  • Although there are entrance points along the entire United States-Mexico border through which cartels have been importing drugs, studies show that there is a particularly large amount of marijuana and heroin being imported from Mexico into Arizona.
  • With the transition from prescription painkillers to heroin as the most alarming national epidemic, the amount of heroin being imported from Mexico into Arizona increased exponentially. In 2009, there were 190 heroin seizures in Arizona, increased to 263 the following year.
  • Approximately 9 percent of all Arizona residents have recreationally used a mind-altering substance in the past month.
  • Over the past several years, rates of heroin use and addiction have increased by an astounding 90 percent, which is nearly double the previous rates.

Getting Sober in Arizona

Even the larger cities in Arizona are well-known for being the homes of extremely friendly, down-to-Earth Arizonans. Often migrating to Arizona from all over the U.S., many Arizona residents already represent much of the spectrum of human diversity, making this state uniquely ideal for someone in recovery from addiction. As well, the state doesn’t have a big reputation for partying, even in the larger cities. For most people who live in Arizona, the appeal seems to be the ability to take full advantage of the natural beauty the state offers, which you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Not only are you able to get sober in Arizona, but the combination of people, atmosphere, and scenery make it a great place to stay sober.

Arizona Addiction & Substance Abuse Organizations

  • The Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership is a statewide council on substance abuse prevention, enforcement, treatment of addiction, and a variety of other recovery efforts.
  • The Arizona Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, or AZAADAC, is the Arizona-based branch of the national organization NAADAC. It’s a coalition of addiction professionals from throughout the state that advocates for addiction education and promotes research so that providers can offer better addiction treatments.
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD, is the youth-oriented, peer-run organization with strong presence throughout Arizona wherein students volunteer to be peer advocates, promoting healthy decision-making and abstinence from alcohol and drugs.
  • The Arizona Youth Partnership — also known as AZYP — is another youth-focused group that represents a number of organizations and promotes a unique, take-home education education program so that parents can learn alongside their children.
  • The Kingman Prevention Alliance is also youth-oriented, but consists of adult volunteers from communities throughout the state. The group meets to discuss the growing prevalence of youth substance abuse and attempts to develop initiatives that will provide addiction education to adolescents and teens as a prevention measure.

Emphatic Push for Community Involvement in Arizona

Throughout the country, public officials have been racking their brains in an effort to develop better ways to combat the current addiction epidemic. The fruits of these efforts have manifested in many ways, but often fall on deaf ears. However, Arizona seems to be taking a different approach by encouraging community involvement. Organizations like the Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition are popping up throughout the state, holding public forums, lectures, and events in which members of the community are invited to learn more about the current addiction situation and become part of the advocacy. After all, this kind of change must start from the ground up.