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opioid detox centers in connecticut

Opiates have grown in popularity substantially over the past 20 years. Opioid-related overdoses are one of the leading causes of accidental death in the United States. More than car accidents and more than guns, that number continues to rise every month.  Every day there are more than 100 people who lose their lives after using these drugs. What we are facing is an epidemic, the need for opiate detox centers in Connecticut has never been greater.

What Lead to the Opioid Crisis?

Heroin. When many hear this word their mind will conjure up images of Hollywood style career criminal, homeless addicts. Addicts who have no families, no friends and chose the sad life of darkness that they aimlessly wander through. Most people don’t picture a 23-year-old, former prom king whose life got destroyed by a pain pill prescription he received after a football injury. They don’t think of the daughter of their close friend. The girl who used to share her dreams with her parents.  Who smoked pot for the first time in high school and decided to experiment with some Percocet in college. The same girl who said she would never try heroin. The girl who’s memorial service was held last week.

Millennials are the most affected group. Young adults who experimented and were in too deep before they realized what had happened. These people, these sons and daughters, these friends, these brothers and sisters are now dying at record rates. Opioids are causing absolute devastation throughout the United States, something must be done to change it. Entering an opioid detox center in Connecticut is the first step toward a life free from opioids. A life that is a balance of certainty and uncertainty, a life of purpose, a happy life. It’s possible, but action must be taken for change to occur.

The rise of prescription medications

Opioids began being prescribed at an alarming rate in the early-mid 2000’s. Big pharma began pushing these new medications that were being sold as not addictive and nonhabit forming. Medications like OxyContin and Percocet. Crooked doctors began opening up “pill mills”. A pill mill is a doctors office, I use that term lightly, where anyone and their mother can go. They claim to have some minor back pain, show an MRI and leave with enough prescription pain meds to kill a horse. The doctors would only accept cash and didn’t care who came in, as long as the money was flowing.

With a massive increase in prescriptions, the demand for opioid pills rose. Pharmaceutical companies didn’t complain, they started to make billions. These pills became increasingly popular by the day, it wasn’t long before they were in colleges and high schools. As these pills grew in popularity the population became physically and mentally addicted to opiates. Some sought help at opioid detox centers in Connecticut, others kept using, some went to jail and some passed away.

The supply outweighed the demand at one point. As these pill mills were closed and doctors were put in jail, the number of pills on the street plummeted. The demand for prescription opiates became too much. Pills skyrocketed in price, many addicts could no longer afford their pill addiction, so they turned to heroin. Heroin became more popular and more readily available every day. It made its way into every state, every city and nearly every town.

What Can Be Done

There are currently a record amount of people currently using heroin, most of which are also Millennials. Heroin is now being cut with synthetic opioids like fentanyl and carfentanil. These substances can be 10,000x more potent than heroin, leading to the dramatic increase in deaths we have seen over the past 5 years.

Many emergency response teams are now equipped with the life-saving drug Narcan. Narcan is naloxone, a substance that has the ability to reverse the effects of an opiate-related overdose. Some states now require police officers, EMS workers and firefighters to carry it. Naloxone comes in three forms all of which are approved by the FDA. It is commonly administered as a shot into muscles. The thigh, buttocks and shoulder are the most common areas for administration. This drug has helped save thousands of lives throughout the United States.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction please call us today. Help is available at an opioid detox center in Connecticut. The medical staff will make sure the detox process is safe and comfortable. The doctors will administer certain medications to help offset the withdrawals that come with an opioid detox.