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Breaking free from the powerful grip of substance abuse is one of, if not the most important decision someone can ever make. Many people who struggle with substance abuse issues will seek out professional help from a drug detox center. These programs help them overcome the physical and mental withdrawals while simultaneously building a strong foundation in which they can build their recovery upon. They will learn valuable tools that will help them avoid triggers, handle cravings, and live an overall happier life. One thing that many drug rehab centers have begun doing is incorporating physical health consciousness into their programs. After all, addiction is a very complex disease and getting clean is about much more than just not using drugs and/or alcohol.

Detoxes and rehabs now incorporate physical health activities like yoga, Tai Chi, cardio strengthening, and muscle training into their treatment plans. Inpatient detox centers often employ nutritionists and dieticians who can help clients create healthy eating habits. These holistic detox programs do this with the hope that when a client leaves the facility they will take what they learned and incorporate it into their daily lives. By doing this they will greatly increase their chances of staying clean for an extended period of time. Not only will their chance of staying clean and away from drugs increase, their overall mood and quality of life will also have quite the improvement.

A Healthy Body Means a Healthy Mind

Healthy eating habits combined with physical activity has been scientifically proven to increase one’s mood, mental health, and sleeping habits. Exercise helps improve how you feel, even when you are feeling down. This is because it releases endorphins and serotonin, both of which help elevate one’s mood. Just thirty minutes of physical activity three or more times a week can do wonders to improve one’s mental wellbeing. When someone is in a good mood and their mind is clear, their risk of relapse will drop significantly. This is due to the fact that they will be able to more easily handle cravings when they arise. People who practice healthy habits in recovery will become less spontaneous and reactive, allowing them to evaluate a situation before they spring into action.  For those who are not able to partake in intense physical activities due to health restrictions, there are still a variety of options for them. Yoga and Tai Chi are simple yet effective ways to better one’s physical health without putting a lot of strain on their joints.

Eating healthier will help improve energy levels, improve sleep, and will also help overall mood. As delicious as a burger, fries, and a Coke is, foods that are heavy in fats and sugar are not beneficial to mental or physical health. These types of food will lower one’s energy level which can reduce motivation and cause increased anxiety. Eating some leafy greens, avoiding super fatty fried foods, and replacing sugary drinks with water or unsweetened tea can work wonders. People who do this will see a boost in their energy, they will lower their risk of developing certain diseases, they will provide fuel to their brains, and help counteract the impact of stress on their bodies.

Many people who relapse do so by following a fleeting thought that caused an intense craving. Being able to let these dangerous thoughts come and go with ease is imperative. This is especially the case for people in early sobriety. The first 90 days out of treatment can be very difficult. Even if they did everything necessary while in rehab if they do not continue to practice those teachings once out of treatment they can find themselves in a difficult situation.

Help for You or a Loved One

If you or a loved one are currently struggling with substance abuse issues and would like to get help, please contact our toll-free line today. A specialist is always standing by ready to help you through this difficult time however possible. Calls will never cost you a penny and the conversation is always confidential. Whether you just have some basic questions or would like to find a detox center near you, we can help. Please do not try to do this alone when help is available. Trying to get clean and stay that way without proper help is very challenging, can be dangerous, and is rarely successful. Let us help you find a new happier and healthier way of life.

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