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When you enter a residential detox center you will hopefully realize that you had made the right choice for your recovery. There’s quite a bit that sets a top-rated residential detox apart from the others out there. The best detoxes strive to create an environment that feels like a home away from home. A place where those struggling with substance abuse issues can safely and comfortably overcome their issues all while cared for by a medical staff throughout the day and night. 

Detoxing in a hospital setting is a better option than attempting to detox at home, but being in that type of setting can be quite challenging for some people. When in a warm and welcoming environment clients will be able to relax and take advantage of the various treatment options that we offer. Most residential detoxes offer a calm, comfortable, serene environment is what makes it easier for clients to commit to the detox process. Some people might be hesitant to enter one of these detoxes due to the fact that it requires them to place their outside lives on hold while they address their substance abuse issues. 

What is Residental Detox? 

Residential detoxes provide a highly structured and monitored environment in a home-like setting. Clients will stay in these programs while their body repairs itself. They will be separated from outside influences and triggers while in one of these facilities. This will help ensure that residents do not have access to any drugs or alcohol. In turn, this will greatly reduce cravings and the potential for relapse. While in a residential detox program they can receive full-time support during their recovery. Detox is easily one of the most difficult and important steps in the recovery process. It is imperative that those struggling are comfortable and have access to addiction professionals while they complete this stage.

A residential detox is often viewed as the best option for those struggling with substance abuse issues, but it is not the only choice. There are hospital-based detoxes where clients will enter a local hospital and be confined to their room while their body gets back to normal. These facilities will typically administer medications, but there is little done to help with the mental side of substance abuse. Then there are outpatient detoxes. Clients do not live in these programs, they will simply visit them a few times a week to receive medication and potentially partake in some group therapy. While this has the potential to be successful, clients are still living their lives as they normally would. This means outside influences and triggers are still quite abundant which results in far too many relapses. 

Different Types of Care

There are thousands of residential detoxes throughout the United States and choosing the right one can be a bit stressful. Knowing what to look for can help relieve some of that stress and make the decision-making process a bit easier. There are residential detoxes that understand that no two clients are exactly the same and they will customize detox plans around each person’s individual needs. There are some detoxes that believe a “one size fits all” approach is enough. While this may be the case for some, it is not the case for all. We believe it is best to cater to the individual which will help give every client the best opportunity to get clean and stay clean. When looking at detoxes or speaking with their staff ask if they offer up individual care plans. 

One of the easiest ways to spot a top-rated detox center is the Joint Commission’s gold seal of approval. When looking for a residential detox center keep an eye out for this tell-tale sign of quality. Detoxes that are approved by the Joint Commission meet and exceed every standard in the industry. This means that the staff, the quality of care, the housing, and everything in between is as good as it gets.  Think of it as a five-star rating for a hotel, if you see the gold seal then it is as good as it gets.

Want to Know More?

If you or someone you care about are currently struggling with substance abuse issues and think you could benefit by entering a residential detox, please call our toll-free line today. An addiction specialist is always standing by ready to answer any and all questions you have. Calls into our offices are always free of charge and your conversation with us is completely confidential. Whether you are looking to enter a residential detox center or if you just have some basic questions regarding substance abuse, we are here for you. Please do not try to do this alone, help is available and it might just be a phone call away.