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Are Opioids A “National Health Crisis”?

President Trump was expected to make a declaration on the Opioid National Health Crisis earlier this month, at the request of the anti-drug commission he organized. Trump did admit that drugs have become a “Crippling problem in The United States”


New Teen Drinking Study: Parents Play Vital Role

Alcohol has been America's greatest pastime since the beginning of our great nation. The social lubricant has been woven into the thread of society as an imperative factor in making friends and building relationships. For the non-alcoholic, it


Can Kratom Ease Opiate Withdrawals?

Kratom has been gaining a lot of media attention in the past year. Though it is not a new drug, more and more people are using the substance for a variety of reasons. One of the most controversial reasons is


Have You Heard of Comfort Medications?

Speaking from my own experience, I know how frightening going to detox can be. The fear of withdrawal is overwhelming. I was addicted to IV heroin, shooting up as soon as I woke up and throughout the night. 


What is The Most Addictive Drug?

I have been asked this question many times and have never been able to give a straight answer. In order to determine something is at the top of a scale, there has to be a scale. There is no real


Why You Should Carry Naloxone

Naloxone, often sold under the name Narcan, is a medication used to treat opioid overdose. Think of it like an EpiPen, but instead of treating severe allergy it treats opiate overdose.  It can be administered in pill, injection